About Us


Are you looking for purpose, promise, and hope?

Here at First Baptist, we are a family-friendly congregation of people who celebrate life in Jesus together! We’re a diverse congregation, spanning all ages and generations. What draws us together is our common faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and our commitment to living out the Christian life as the Bible leads us.

Our Mission:

Our Desire at First Baptist Church is to help you find purpose, promise, and hope in a daily relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision:

God has created us for five specific purposes:
  • To worship Him
  • To be a part of His family, the Church
  • To grow to be more like Christ
  • To serve God by serving others
  • To share the message of Jesus Christ

Our Values:

As God’s people, we hold these core values:

We have JOY in the Lord.
Having experienced the joy of knowing Jesus, we strive to reflect that joy in every daily interaction with others.
It’s all about Jesus. In every part of our personal lives and our church ministry, the life of Jesus is the basis for our faith, our hope and our actions.
We strive for RELEVANCE in all we do.
We strive to make the teachings of the Bible and the activities of the church easily understood and readily applicable to the lives of ordinary people in an ever-changing culture. We are a PRAYING people. We believe in the power and necessity of prayer. In our prayers, we seek to hear God’s voice, to discern God’s will, and we intercede for our church, our community, our world and ourselves on a daily basis.
We practice STEWARDSHIP in every area of life.
We recognize God’s ownership of all things, and our role as stewards. We honor God by caring for the things He has entrusted to us, and we return a portion of our income for the health and growth of the church and its ministries.
We believe EVERYONE MATTERS to God and to us.
Because all persons are created in God’s image, we treat all persons with respect and love, regardless of differences which seem to separate us.
We SHARE Christ with others.
We strive to introduce others to Jesus Christ, so they may develop a saving relationship with Him.
We do everything to the BEST of our abilities.
We seek personal excellence in everything we do, so that God is honored and others are attracted to His church