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I hope this newsletter finds you well. I wanted to give you a quick update on what I have been up to for the past few weeks, give you some more information on what the next few months look like, and my upcoming travel dates. Here in Thailand “hot season” is among us with day time temperatures reaching just under 45C with the humidity! Songkran (Thai New Years) was just last week and businesses and shops are starting to get back into full operating hours once again. Here is a quick recap of March/April…

Time Home in Canada

First off, I would like to once again say a huge thank you to everyone that took the time to get together and support me the month of March when I was in Canada on emergency leave. My time in Canada with family was much needed. My time in Canada gave me a chance to process the horrific events of January, receive confirmation of an exit plan out of Thailand and prepare for the future. Family, friends and church family really assisted me in a time of need. After my four weeks away from Thailand, I returned to Bangkok the first week of April gather my belongings and say my goodbyes.

Songkran 2018

This year was my fourth year in Thailand for Songkran. I was invited by friends to enjoy my week off and instead of staying in Thailand for the national holidays and water festivals, I decided to go to California to visit Thai friends living in the U.S and American supporters. My one week of Thai national holidays was really enjoyable, as I got to see a lot of old friends.

Chiang Mai Trip

From April 24th to April 26th I have been in Chiang Mai spending time with local friends, missionary colleagues and visiting my old students at The Garden of Hope. I had the opportunity to have one final worship session, English corner and soccer game with the kids. It is always a shock to see how fast they are growing up! I was blessed to see my sponsored child in the program and even got to go visit “Grandma.”

One Week Left!

I have one week left in Bangkok before I depart to Vancouver. This next week will be used in Bangkok to finish packing up my belongings, shipping things back to Canada, final goodbyes, and spending time with friends. This past week I was able to close up my Thai bank account, finish marking the college English exams and submit the marks for Thailand Pentecostal Seminary.

Financial Update

I have reviewed my finances and projected expenses with PAOC head office. Please continue to give until July 31st to assist with my transition back to Canada, help cover the cost of my attendance of PAOC’s General Conference and World Retreat in Vancouver, as well as cover the remaining amount to cover my rent in Bangkok. My fundraising goal to cover all remaining expenses is $6,000. Thank you for your continuous support and helping me finish strong without a deficit!

South Africa Vision Trip

As you may have seen on the video I last posted on Facebook last week, I will be joining a ministry vision trip with some missionaries from Ottawa to Johannesburg, South Africa for 10 days. This trip will give me the opportunity to network, check out a ministry that I am interested in learning more about and possibly joining as well as receive some vision for my future. I am interested in working in South Africa in the future and there are some amazing opportunities that have extended to me. My hope is that I am able to use this time in June to get direction on next steps for my life and be able to have a better understanding of the current needs in South Africa.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email or message me. Thank you for your continuous prayers, support, encouragement and love!

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Serving faithfully,

Andrew Bailey