August Update


July in Marneuli

It truly seems that every month we are here in Georgia time goes faster and faster. June went by faster than May, and July went by faster than June. My focus this past month has been to really cherish the time that God has given me here in Georgia, to see His purposes behind it and invest in it with all of my heart. During this past month God has shown me how the little things we do here can add up to make a big impact.
Throughout this summer I have been taking a full load of online classes through Bethany Global University. Starting in July I added 2 6-week intensive courses to my workload. While I have really enjoyed these classes and learned a lot from them, I have to say that I am happy they are coming to an end. A heavier work load meant a much busier summer than normal and no breaks between semesters.

My team and I are starting to see our time spent learning language really paying off. We have built so many friendships with people who do not speak English because of the time we spent learning Azerbaijani. Thank you to those of you who were praying along side us for the Lord’s blessing in language learning! With summer coming to an end, we are excited to see Young Life back up and running. Just last week we had a picnic to reconnect with our students at from Young Life. We are now preparing for a week long summer camp towards the end of August. I believe the Lord is going to use this time to speak into the lives of so many young Azerbaijani people, young Georgian people, and young Armenian people.


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Young Life Camp Is Here

For months, my teammates and I have been pouring into the lives of dozens of teenagers here in Marneuli. We started clubs for them, invited them into our homes, taken them on fun trips and outings, and now we are finally ready to take them to our Young Life camp.
Tomorrow, August 26 we will take 22 of our our own students to their very first church camp. We will be traveling 4 hours away from their home city of Marneuli to arrive at our camp in the Georgian city of Kutaisi for one whole week.
During this time the gospel is going to be shared with teens from all over Georgia, including our group from Marneuli, who have never had a chance to hear the gospel. Of course, we will also have time for tons of fun and crazy games and activities.
Please join with us in prayer for our camp!