Back in the USA

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters,
It was a warm welcome back to the USA. We were glad not to be freezing cold this time. We’ve also appreciated all the greetings and meetings we’ve been able to have since our arrival in July. Our time back in the US, so far has been pretty busy. We had about a week and a half to recover from jet lag (which really was the best we’ve ever experienced, Praise God!) before taking off for the East Coast for 2 weeks. Our organization had a scheduled Enrichment conference where we heard updates from other colleagues around the world, reconnected a bit with some our colleagues on furlough, and even shared what God has done through the efforts of our team in the last year. Our children enjoyed meeting up with other Third Culture Kids just like them and seeing some of their BD buddies. The second week was a refresher in the vision and practice of our organization. And in between all this, we saw family, friends, and spoke at CenterPoint Community Church. We returned to Southern Illinois and moved into the house we are renting for the year. The next morning 6 of 8 of us woke up with some terrible GI bug and the next day the other 2 came down with it. Not sure we’ve ever had our whole family sick at the same time. But, within a couple days we all bounced back and tried to do a little more unpacking and settling into the house. We’ve been so blessed by friends helping us with furniture and other needed items for the house, with really nice neighbors and lots of neighborhood kids for our kids to know and play with, and just many other little encouraging things.
Meghan was eager to spend her shared birthday with her dad, since it has been several years since we’ve been able to do that. So, we headed out to Arkansas for a week to visit with most of her family members. It was a great time of seeing loved ones again, meeting a new nephew for the first time, and seeing our kids thoroughly enjoying their cousins. The boys were especially excited to do “farm stuff” with Meghan’s older brother.
We returned from Arkansas and shared with our local church, Third Baptist, of God’s working in the last two years since we were here last. We’re grateful for how supportive they’ve been of our family and encouraging to us while we worked in BD. It’s been great to see people there again. Some of our kids decided they wanted to talk about their home and experiences, and it was a great place for them to do that with people they’ve known. Sarena wanted to make sure everyone knew about our cat Batman and how much she misses him. School started up in September and we’ve been working our way into a nice routine until October 5th came and hit the restart. Brielle Faith Dempsey joined our family at 2:37pm weighing 7lbs 1oz and snuggled right into our arms. Our other kids have been thrilled to have a new little sister, Siobhan especially who says,”my baby!” We’re thankful for a safe delivery and a calm, healthy baby girl.
One of our kids answered the question, “What is the hardest and best thing about being an MK?” with this: “It’s being able to make friends with people from so many places and learn about them and learn new culture; but then no matter where you go, you are missing someone or some place. When I’m in Bangladesh I miss my family and friends in America, and when I’m in America I miss my friends and home in Bangladesh.” Pray for our colleagues, both expats and Bengalis, that they would be strong in faith, that they would be renewed in heart, mind, and spirit, and that we would see the growth of God’s kingdom in Bangladesh.
We especially ask your prayer for our colleagues, Harold and Shawne Ebersole. Earlier this year, they returned to the USA for a couple month break. In a short time, Harold started having some significant health problems which led to the diagnosis of Leukemia. In the midst of treatments for that, Harold again began experiencing troubling problems. Recently he was diagnosed with Lymphoma as well as the Leukemia. He and Shawne have rested in God’s sovereignty through all of this, but we know the pain and trials are hard to bear. Please pray for them both and their family.
Brett will be the speaker of a breakout session at the Global Health Missions Conference in Louisville November 8-10. His topic will be on the Rohingya Refugee crisis and our hospital’s response. One particular cause of rejoicing this month is little 5 year old Nurul, one of Brett’s patients from the refugee camps. Nurul was a very complicated case and despite Brett and the other surgeons best efforts, his only hope of long-term survival was a risky operation by a pediatric surgeon in Dhaka. Some of our colleagues accompanied Nurul and his father to Dhaka and helped with the after-care. We’re so thankful for how our Father has provided his needs and healed him. Pray with us that the testimony and words spoken to Nurul and his father will soften their hearts to Christ.

Praises and Prayers:

  • Praise to our Father for how he has blessed Meghan and our baby girl, Brielle, with a safe and healthy delivery.
  • Continue to pray with us for Liam’s friend Abe* who we mentioned our last update. Liam especially misses him and we pray that the words of Truth spoken to Abe* will bear fruit in his life. We are thankful he has relationships with several of our colleagues in BD.
  • Praise God for all the ways he has provided for our family in these last several months including traveling mercies and provisions of our daily needs.
  • Continue to pray for our friends and colleagues, for renewal of mind, spirit, body, and united purpose. Pray that we all would be seeking what the Father would have us do, despite the needs and distractions around us.
  • Pray for our colleague Harold who was diagnosed with Leukemia and Lymphoma. Pray that despite the pain, chemo, and struggles that his prayer would be answered- that Christ be glorified.
  • Pray for our kids as they continue to adjust to the USA and learning many new things about life and culture from the American side of things.
  • Pray for Brett’s family and especially his Grandfather. His health has not been doing well.
Thank you all for your love and support of us as we share in our Father’s work in Bangladesh.
The Dempsey Family