The Steiner Family

Family, Friends…Living the Dream Team,
To be honest we don’t even know how to begin this letter. But as we have prayed we feel the best way is complete honesty.
We believe with all of our hearts that God has called us to remain here in South Africa…the work to be done is so VAST and the harvest is so RIPE. From the moment we moved here we knew the only way we would return to America is if God told us to or if we no longer had enough financial support. We have not heard God tell us to return to America – but in the next months we will be in a place financially that will no longer allow us to stay. BUT we know our God is a God of miracles and we have NOT given up yet. We know He WILL provide.
These last 2 ½ years God has blown us away! We have daily been investing our lives into seeing the people of South Africa know the Love of Jesus and come into relationship with Him. We have seen thousands of salvations, hundreds of healings, hosted hundreds of short term missionaries, and started multiple bible studies…this would just begin to scratch the surface of all we have watched God do since being here.
We will warn you…the e-mail below is long, but we wanted to explain as much as we could for anyone with questions. There are still so many things we cannot possibly explain as so much of life is so different here, but we have tried to give you good start.  If you don’t need to know the details you can scroll to the bottom to WHAT NOW. 
When we moved to Africa God built our team and provided financially faster than we could have ever dreamt. We were able to raise everything we needed in financial support in record timing and moved to Africa sooner than anyone expected.

Our 1st Year in Africa

Our first year we never had to worry month to month about our financial needs being met…which was AMAZING as acclimating to a new country, jumping straight into day to day ministry, and getting unexpectedly pregnant…. gave us plenty to continue to take to the Lord.
As we approached our 1-year mark here we got an unexpected e-mail that honestly made us sick to our stomach. Someone who had joined the team and was HUGE part of our financial provision was cutting their support in half. We were scared and had no clue what we were going to do. But God directed us to not talk about it but to just trust Him. Our entire 2nd year God provided miraculously every month.

Our 2nd Year in Africa

As we approached the end of our 2nd year that same supporter e-mailed us once again to tell us they would no longer be supporting us financially. It was one of the hardest e-mails we have ever had to read…as this made it completely impossible for us to remain in Africa.
We were in America at this point, so we just surrendered it to God and continued speaking to churches and friends about what we are doing here and the need that faced us. People (many of you) were so extremely generous. Many people came on the team as monthly supporters and many gave one-time gifts.

Our 3rd Year in Africa

We came back to Africa still needing quite a bit in monthly support to make ends meet each month. But we had received enough in one-time gifts that we could use it as a saving account and pull from it each month to make up the difference. As we crunched the numbers we knew it would get us through most of the year.
But this year has brought us quite a few of unexpected large expenses. As most of you know Michal had a double hernia repair surgery at the beginning of the year. And a few months ago, Jentzyn fell about 12ft from a tree which took us to the emergency room and an overnight stay at the hospital. By the GRACE of God there was no long-term effects, just a concussion that lead us to an overnight stay in the hospital. We also recently had to take our vehicle to the shop. When Michal was driving home from the shop after being fixed, she broke down on the side of the road. We took it to another shop where we found out the other mechanic was very corrupt and completely ruined our engine. So, we had to have it completely re built.


We had a reserve fund to get us home in case there was ever an emergency in the country and we needed to leave immediately- which we have now completely used up.
We had a reserve fund to fly us home this December to renew our visas, which is almost used up as well.
The South African currency is called the Rand and it’s one of the most fluctuating currency in the world. This being said…when we moved here each $1 USD gave us 17 Rand. Since being here it has gone as low as $1 USD to 11 Rand. This makes a HUGE difference in what your monthly USD support gives us each month.
We tell you all this to not put pressure on you or make you feel like you HAVE to give. But just to express the truth about where we are. All we ask is for you to pray and ask God if he has called you to increase your monthly support or to join the team for the first time by giving financially!

Detail of Our Financial Need

There are many places your monthly support or one-time gifts can go to. Below explains each place our finances go every month and what your 1-time gift would go towards. $1500 NEEDED in Monthly Support  AND  $8000 NEEDED in 1 time Gift $8000 NEEDED in 1-time Gifts: This money will go directly towards flying us home this December to Renew our Visas. It includes our flights and all the cost involved in renewing our visas (Background checks, physicals, x-rays, and actual application cost). This Visas would give us 3 more years here in Africa. $1500 NEEDED in Monthly Support: Below describes where your monthly support goes:

  • Tithe, Offering, and general giving. We believe in extravagant giving: to the church and people in need.
  • Ministry Vehicle Gas. We travel daily for ministry in squatter camps all over the city.
  • Housing: Rent and Utilities. God has given us a great place to rent for an amazing deal!
  • Boys Schooling:  Because of the place we stay, public school or home-schooling are not an option for us. Our boys attend a Private South African school. It’s the cheapest we have found but still very expensive.
  • Food: We have to eat!
  • Insurance: We are required to have insurance by the ministry we work for and in order to keep our visas.
We promise that we are extremely good stewards of every penny we are given. We have always lived life below our means and have always lived on a tight budget, tracking everything. This has become very hard here as we have such little control over what will come in each month and if we will have enough to make ends meet. You may not realize it but even in our monthly team it never all comes in. It’s not because people mean not to give but just because they forgot or their card on file is declined. Each month that’s at least a few people which makes a BIG impact in our lives. We are not complaining as we were warned of this from other missionaries and knew this was the life we were getting into. But we just want to give you a little insight.
We have also looked over our budget time and time again to see what we could possible cut out. But honestly, we spend no extra money. Since being in Africa we have gone mostly without Christmas Gifts and Birthday gifts. We have wanted our boys to at least have a few things to open so we have been just wrapping up the necessities.


Once again, we only tell you this for complete transparency. We know that most of you have never lived as a missionary and so it’s hard to understand many odd facets about our life. And we didn’t feel like it would be right if we moved back to America because we didn’t have the financial support to stay…but did not tell the people who have been a part of the team and on this journey with us.


We ask you to pray. This entire journey our strategy has remained the same=JESUS. Ask Jesus if he has called you to join the team by giving financially. Monthly, or by One Time Gift. Maybe you are already giving financially, which for that we could NEVE EVER EVER thank you enough. We ask for you to pray and ask the Lord if has called you to give more or an extra gift. We know all of you are in such a different spot and we speak from experience of the COMPLETE joy that comes from giving however the Lord speaks to give.
We are here in Africa, sending out our SOS. We cannot stay here without your help. We are praying and standing in Faith that God will continue to provide everything we need to continue the work here. Even as we are writing this e-mail we have just said goodbye to a team of 46 people we lead into the communities every day…and are now welcoming a team a team of 18! We are expectant and ready for all the people who are about to encounter Jesus for the 1st time!!!
If the Lord speaks to you, please let us know as we are having to make plans immediately based on our financial support. Once we have raised the $1500 per month in financial support and the $8000 to fly home and renew our visas we will need to book those flights immediately as they continue to increase in price. Click  to give your gift now. You can set it reoccurring or make a one-time gift.
If you have any questions, please let us know! If you would like to read in detail ALL you are a part of by joining the team please read the attachment. You will be blown way to see all God is doing and here!!
Living the Dream
His Dream: to Reach His People
The Steiner Family
Jeremy, Michal, Landyn, Cadyn, Jentzyn, and Paetyn