Murphysboro Food Pantry

The Murphysboro Food Pantry has been serving qualifying households in Jackson County five days a week for several decades. We are open Monday through Friday, 9 -11am. We are happy to serve our clients with a cart full of food including shelf stable foods as well as a variety of fresh meats, fruits and vegetables. Qualifying households can receive food from our pantry every 21 days currently. Food donations are always welcome,

if left after hours. you may drop them in the donation bin out front of our building and leave a note stating who it’s from if you wish. Monetary donations are welcome to help us with rising food and gas costs and building maintenance/upgrades. They are looking for volunteers to help with Farmers Market pick ups one Saturday per month over the course of the Farmer’s Market season

Call 618-684-8258 if interested to find out more information!