Rachel is now in her 5th year of full time ministry, and still loves getting to walk alongside college students as they navigate what faith means for their lives! This semester there have been even more freshmen getting involved as they spend their first year away from home and are making decisions to prioritize their faith. Praise God!
A recurring theme that’s come up with the 8 students I disciple has been how to find God in the midst of stress and chaos. It’s been beautiful to see how these young adults are learning that Jesus is with them in it all, that God’s presence is there just as much on a walk to class or study break as he is in the “mountaintop” moments. Your generous support is helping to develop the coming generation who will soon be leaders in their churches, communities and workplaces. By investing in InterVarsity, you’re investing in young adults build firm foundations that will help them the rest of their lives. Thank you!
In the coming year, I also hope you all will be able to meet my fiancé Stephan, who is also on staff with InterVarsity and will be moving to Indiana to join me in ministering to students there. Please be praying for the season of transition into marriage and also working together this summer, that it would be marked by God’s grace and provision. 
In Christ’s Love,
Rachel Edgar