Discovering Church Membership

Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Savior and would like to be baptized? Do you want to know more about First Baptist Church? Do you know what a Baptist is? All these questions are answered in this class which meets periodically throughout the year. This class is led by Pastor Shaker in his study. If you are interested in this group, contact Pastor Shaker.

Parlor Group

This is an adult small group and their choices of studies are usually contemporary Christian authors who use DVD or videos to help enhance understanding and discussions. As their name reflects they meet in the parlor directly behind the Sanctuary.

Rock Solid

A curriculum based class that teaches and inspires those who have special challenges. It focuses on their everyday walk with Jesus and the need to help and be kind to others. This class is located in the basement of the Education Building.

Living Out God’s Word

“Living Out God’s Word” is a life group dedicated to delving into the Bible, focusing on one book at a time. They learn from Christian living and strive to be “doers of the Word, and not hearers only,” James 1:22. Any adult of any age group is welcome. This class is located downstairs next to the elevator.

New Generation

The “New Generation” is an adult class that uses current Christian authors, their books, and video studies. Once a book or curriculum is completed, the members and leaders of this class decide on the direction of the next study. They have also studied directly from the scriptures and have had some really great and inspiring discussions. This class in located in the basement, just off of the fellowship hall.

Defending the Faith

“Defending the Faith” is diversified in age but united as one by the love of Jesus Christ. They are focused on understanding the Biblical Truth of God and discovering ways to minister to a confused world. They use video, lecture, group discussions, learning by teaching, debate styles, demonstrations and other methods. The study materials are drawn from the groups’ interest, and the interactive group welcomes newcomers to grow in Christ. This class is located in the basement just off of the fellowship hall.

FBC Kids

All children nursery age through the 5th grade are invited to a worship service just for them. It has music, games, and a Bible study of cosmic proportions. Parents can drop off their children every Sunday morning knowing that the kids will have a great time learning about Jesus and how God’s love can transform their lives. We at First Baptist Church strive to give our children and parents a safe and comfortable Christ driven environment. Our FBC Kids security team is there to check your children in and out as well as keep the FBC Kids area safe and secure. Transportation to FBC Kids is available by 

High School Life Group

This class is a community of high school students coming together to grow in faith and learn more about Jesus. The group learns and is inspired through a mixture of deep Bible studies as well as video series that are practical and can be integrated into everyday Christian life. This life group meets in the youth house.

Talk It Out

Come to “Talk It Out” where your opinion matters. Sunday mornings are centered on creative discussions for middle schoolers. This group teaches kids directly from the Bible as well as keeping each student involved and excited. Every week there is a new challenge to think about. “Talk It Out” cares about the students’ opinions and the group is designed to grow faith through discussion and application of Christian Biblical values. “Talk It Out” is located in the Conference Room in the basement of the Education Building and is led by Brian and Tamara Schuman.

The Challenge Seekers

This class is made-up of adults of various ages, united in Christian fellowship, working together to represent Christ in our lives by Godly action and influence family and community. The teachers rotate in sharing lesson scriptures, leading class discussions, and challenging participants. The Bible Life curriculum by David C. Cook is used and offers many study scriptures while using the Bible to apply them to daily life. This class is located in the basement just off of the fellowship hall.