The Logan School

The Story begins before time began because it was always God’s good and perfect plan for us to have the Logan School be apart of the First Baptist Church Murphysboro Campus!

Many people in our Church went to the Logan School growing up and many people, like myself, have dreamed of using the School for Church ministries!

Scene 1: I had an opportunity to meet with the mayor and was reminded at the end of the meeting to ask about the Logan School. I jokingly asked if he would just give it to me. Not by accident, the mayor actually had a meeting with the owner, Dr. VanAcker, in just a few weeks and invited us to tour the building with them.

Scene 2: We tour the building and discover it is in great shape, has been fully abated, and he is willing to sell it to us. Again jokingly I ask him to just give it to me. However, he explains he has $90,000.00 in the building and would be hoping to recover those funds. I explain that I will need to take this to Leadership and to the Church and asked for some time.

Scene 3: At the next Leadership council I share the story and say jokingly he wants 90 grand but I just want him to give it to me. Upon hearing this Karen Perschbacher, a member of our Leadership council paused the meeting and encouraged us all to pray for God to give us the Logan School. We fervently prayed and asked God to bless us with this School. Give us a red sea moment. Move the Mountain!

Scene 4: Three days pass from the meeting and the prayer. Still no call. Suddenly my Phone rings! It is Dr. VanAcker asking if we are still interested in the Logan School? I say yes we are. He goes on to explain that he is willing to give it to us for $1.00.

Scene 5: I get to relive and share the story of God’s blessings as I explain the news at our Church business meeting. We vote unanimously as a Church to purchase the Logan School for $1.00!

Scene 6: You get involved. Pray for the process. Pray for ministry ideas utilizing the Logan School. When fully renovated the School will include: A Gym, Cafeteria, 10 Large Classrooms, an Auditorium, and 1.5 Acres of outside space. We would love to hear your ministry ideas utilizing the space! Please pray that God speaks to you and to our Church so that we can best use this amazing blessing to bring people to Him!

Behind the Scenes: After years of wishing, praying, and waiting for God’s perfect timing the opportunity has finally arrived! Praise God for this tremendous blessing!
-Pastor Nathan