Murphysboro Food Pantry

Working to ease the pain and hunger in Jackson County.

Pray Signs

Our PRAY signs were born of a desire to equip Christians with a way to express their common interest in seeing our nation turn back towards God and his principles.

FBC Prayer Group

Community prayer events are being planned monthly. If you have questions, please contact Pastor Shaker.

Intervarsity Dinners

FBC will be preparing a meal for the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at SIU Carbondale on the last Friday of each month. If you would like to help, please contact Rachel Edgar at 201-0698 or Kristy Dunning at 534-3054.

The Steiner Family

The Steiner Family provides an update on their mission field in South Africa.

Rachel Edgar Ministry Update

Rachel Edgar provides an update on Intervarsity and the Fall semester.

Andrew Bailey – Missions in Africa

Andrew Bailey provides an update on his mission work in Thailand and future plans.

The Dempsey Family

The Dempsey Family provides an update on their mission work in Bangladesh.

RMMO Offering

Your simple yet profound act of giving, allows the ABC to share in an act of Grace that reminds the ministers, missionaries and widowed spouses who served so faithfully that they are remembered with love and gratitude.

America For Christ

Our Lord Jesus Christ intends every member of every church to do the work of this ministry. Ministry is to build up each other’s faith and love. God’s design is to use human support and encouragement to sustain the faith of his children and to lighten the burden they bear in the service of love. The America for Christ Offering ”Cultivates Leaders” by chaplaincies, specialized ministries, scholarships; “Equips Disciples” through evangelism, workshops and support; “Heal Communities” with disaster response, disability ministries, refugee resettlements and much, much more. AFC Offering reminds us that it is in our service to the church and our community that many experience the Christ in us. AFC is helping the world see the spirit of Christ living in our modern world.

World Mission Offering

When our Lord says to his followers, “you are the salt of the earth,” he is urging them to go into the world and enhance the good that he is doing so others can be touched by the power of the saving grace of God. As followers of Christ, we are the salt of the earth, seasoned with the love of the gospel and called to carry the love to all the earth. The Mission Team is designating FBC’s World Mission Offering to go to Larry and Becky Stanton who are missionaries in Hungary. Larry and Becky are originally from Murphysboro and have many of their family and friends residing here. Larry works within the middle eastern refugee camps that are located along the Bulkan route of eastern Europe. Becky teaches English in primary and elementary community schools. If you would like to know more about the Stanton Family and their ministry, please feel free to contact the church office. Please be generous to WMO and the Stantons.